14 Jun 2022

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Who Invented Chess? Learn About the History of Chess

Chess is a western board game whose history goes back several decades. In the 15th century, it was known as ‘chaturanga,’ meaning 'four arms.'

Today, chess is typically played by two players with specifically designed pieces of two colors, commonly white and black.

The game's objective is to apprehend the king of the opponent. The player on the white side plays the first move, after which each player has an alternative turn with fixed rules.

Finally, each player tries to forcefully capture the opponent’s principal piece, the king.  

Who Invented Chess Game?

Although chess is one of the world’s most famous games, its origins and roots remain unclear, which makes people question: 

‘When was chess invented?’ 

‘Where was chess invented?’

The majority of historians agree that it was discovered in India around 1500 years ago. As for who invented the board game, it is believed that more than one person was responsible for it.

Throughout chess’s history, it changed name several times until the end of the 15th century. During the 1880s, the game changed entirely and developed into the current form of chess.

When chess was introduced as ‘chaturanga’ back in the day, it had different rules than how it’s played today. The names of the pieces were Persian-based. For instance, ‘King’ was changed from ‘Raja,’ a Sanskrit word, to ‘Shah,’ a Persian word.

On the other hand, the English words "chess" and "check" were derived from French descendants. The Persians additionally presented the ideas of "check" and "checkmate." So, express gratitude toward them whenever you’re playing the game.

We hope you found the answers to your questions:

‘Who invented the game of chess?’

‘Which country invented chess?’

How to Play Chess

Learn to Play the best chess games online critical steps to play one of the world’s most famous games:

  1. How To Setup the Chessboard

First, place the pawns in the second rank. Next, the rooks go in the furthest corners, followed closely by the nights. Finally, the knights are trailed by the bishops, the queen, and the king. 

Important: The queen must be placed on her own color. 

  1. How The Chess Pieces Move

The six chess pieces move differently across the board. They cannot move over the others, except the knights. The only time the pieces can be moved is to capture the opponent pieces. 

  1. How The King Moves

The king is an important yet weak chess piece. It can only move one square at a time: left, right, or diagonal. 

  1. How The Queen Moves

The queen is the most powerful piece of chess. She can move in any straight line – forward, reverse, sideways, or diagonally – as long as she doesn’t move over any of her pieces. 

  1. How The Rook Moves

The rook can move forward, backward, and sideways, but not diagonally.  

  1. How The Bishop Moves

The bishop is an interesting chess piece. And that’s because it can move in any direction diagonally, but not forward, backward, or sideways. So, in a way, the bishop is the opposite of the rook. 

  1. How The Knight Moves

The knight is the only chess piece that can move over the others. It heads two squares on a single path, followed by a 90-degree point, like the alphabet ‘L.’

  1. How The Pawn Moves

The pawn can only move forward one square unless it’s the first move. In that case, it is allowed to move two squares. 


Chess has been around for decades, but its popularity witnessed a surge when Netflix released The Queen’s Gambit – a show about a young girl on a quest to become chess’s greatest player while battling inner demons at the same time.

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