30 May 2022

By PlayCounty

What are the Top 5 Important Rules in Playing Chess

Chess has been played for centuries. It’s a game that contains a sense of self-exploration, high management skills, and critical thinking. People Play two player chess online as it makes them more attentive and mindful.

Chess has no specific strategies as you can play according to your capabilities. But certain rules benefit you a lot in conquering the battle.

Each of the rules strictly emphasizes such aspects of the games that players often overlook. However, we have covered the top 5 rules so that you won’t make the same mistake.

Defend And Retaliate

This is a very common rule for some players, while others completely neglect it. It’s essential to opt attacking strategy as the main goal is to defeat the opponent. But retaliating right after defending yourself is a tough job.

Since the goal is to defeat the opponent, you can do it easily by playing smart. But what if you are under attack?

If that happens, you should plan a retaliation. Attaining an attacking position might make your situation worse, but it’s the only way to checkmate the rival.

When You Run Out of Options, You Got the King

Many players find it daunting to protect the King at the start and middle of the game because it looks pretty troublesome that the King needs constant protection. But the King eventually becomes an attacking monster when you run out of all the options.

Apparently, King possesses ultimate power, so he can dominate the game if you move the piece smartly.

You have to be careful that the King takes hold of his position right from the start. By the end, you can move him to change the game. 

Remember that if you don’t use your King on time, your opponents can push their King in the battle and turn the table in their favor.

Experienced chess players never ignore the placement of the King.

Be Practical

It’s a competitive sport. If you want to achieve victory, you have to think strategically. You have to use your mind 100%. 

If anyone in your family or friends plays Chess, you might observe that they become very aggressive about the game and panic if anyone disturbs them in the middle of the game. 

Chess captivates the players’ attention, and they get too lost in the game and become supremely conscious of victory or loss. It’s common in Chess, and there is nothing wrong with it. 

So, if you want to win it, you need to be practical. Once you become serious about it, you encourage yourself to play it more accurately with full confidence and motivation.

Calculate Your Moves

If you predict losing the game, start calculating every move. You have nothing to fear if you are already losing because it won’t change anything drastically.

What you predict according to your performance will happen anyway. So, the best way to manage the situation is to play safe.

Playing safe depends on how you should cope with the situation by adopting an attacking mode or defensive one. But playing with ease and calmness can work wonders for you. 

Never Be Afraid to Lose 

Nobody likes to lose, but if you are playing a game for enjoyment or fun, how will it become a matter of winning or losing? It’s entirely a matter of doing your best. 

Everyone is afraid to lose, even the professional players. No matter how much they deny this but it’s a fact. And this fear of losing puts players in terrible situations sometimes.

So, apart from playing with all your attention, don’t predict your failure before your last move.

Wrap Up

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