25 May 2022

By PlayCounty

What Are the Top 10 Most Popular Games?

Board games have been an age-old favorite pastime of people. However, the world has become modernized now, and board games have converted into digital forms like Playcounty.  

Nowadays, people don’t need to arrange a physical meetup to play their favorite board games. Instead, online gaming platforms have emerged for people to play anytime, anywhere.  

These online platforms allow players to experience a new way to enjoy by providing hundreds of games. We have listed the top 10 of them.

Check out our top 10 picks and see what you can play with your family or friends.


Play ludo online multiplayer free is one of the most fascinating board games of all. Millions of people play Ludo online, and it’s an absolute joy even when you’re not physically present with your favorite people.


Everyone played Tic-Tac-Toe as a kid, and guess what? You can still play and enjoy it on your android phones or smart devices.

People who play tic tac toe online for free say that it takes them on a nostalgic ride, and they fall in love with the game all over again. 


Whether you play online or offline, Chess positively impacts your mental health.

It helps you in critical thinking and boosts your management skills. Many assume that it’s a boring game, but here’s a fun fact: people with high intelligence play Chess.


The one who has a grasp of vocabulary can win it. Its offline version is good, but things have changed now, and everyone prefers to play online. 

Scrabble is now available online on many board gaming websites.


You must be familiar with Solitaire. And if you are a 90s kid, you have definitely played it on the computer at least once.

Solitaire is one of the oldest online board games. You can play it solo or with partners, but the fun and excitement remain the same.


As the name suggests, Clue is a murder mystery game. It’s about finding the murder weapon and culprit and solving a whole mystery behind a brutal, heinous murder.

The graphics are worth playing, and the game includes playing with red dice, making it more appealing and captivating.


Monopoly is a real-estate board game that two to eight players can play. It’s about buying and selling property, renting hotels, etc.

The main target is to remain financially stable while entangling the rival into bankruptcy.


Online poker is similar to a traditional poker game. Multiple board gaming sites offer poker games with slight variations. These types of games are easy to play but challenging to master.

And yet, it’s not about being an expert. Instead, it’s about enjoying your time to the fullest.


Did you feel the thrill while watching detective stories on TV and thought of becoming one when you grew up? 

This is your opportunity to be one. Codenames is about being a secret agent to find clues. A team pairs up and solves the puzzle to get answers to mysteries. 

You can team up with friends or family members and invite them to play this adventurous game with you.


Love sailing ships? Try Battleship.

It’s a classic board game where you and your partner try to sink each other’s ship by guessing. You have to put your vessels in the beginning. 

So, what’s the catch?

The catch is that you have to place those vessels carefully because you can’t move them again.

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