14 Jun 2022

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Origin and History of Ludo Game

You might have heard that Ludo is a game of royals. But have you ever wondered where the famous game originates from?

Do you have questions, such as:

  1. What is Ludo's History?
  2. Who made the Ludo game?
  3. Where did Ludo come from?

Don’t worry, as you’ve landed on the right blog.  So, let’s quench your thirst for knowledge.

Different Names of Ludo

Ludo is known by different names worldwide. For example, in India, it is known as:

  • Chaucer
  • Chopad
  • Pachisi

The Spanish version is called Parcheesi, and the Chinese version is known as Chatush Pada.

In Africa, it’s known as Ludu. 

Where Did Ludo Come from?

When we say Ludo is a royal game, it actually dates back to Mahabharata, when it became a game of choice between Kauravas and the Pandavas.

The war of Kurukshetra is splattered by this game, where the dice were made from the cursed bones of Shakuni family members.

It’s said that the dice only listened to Shakuni’s command as they had magical powers. Unsurprisingly, Kauravas won the game since Shakuni was the mastermind behind the making.

History of Ludo

Historians also suggest that Ludo was a favorite pastime of Mughal emperors like Akbar.

Interestingly, Akbar did not use shells, seeds, or even cardboard to play the game. Instead, he used human beings – mostly his slaves or beautiful women as pieces on a life-sized board.

Later, Ludo was modified and played with a dice cup in 1891, created by Alfred Collier in Britain.

It was Alfred Collier who gave Ludo the status of Royal Ludo in the UK.

Since then, it was officially registered and transformed into a board game by the British Royal navy.

How Is Ludo Played?

Ludo is played between 2, 3, or 4 players. The game includes four different colored pieces to choose from and a board where you have to move your pieces.

Some people think it’s all about luck without strategy playing a role in winning. But the game teaches lessons like:

  • Opening the first piece early does not guarantee a win. Even if you start late, you have a chance to win
  • Underestimating your opponent can cost you the game
  • Staying alert and being patient go hand in hand
  • Planning gives you time to think of alternatives

With careful planning and strategic moves, you can avoid being killed and get your pieces to safely reach home. 

Ludo in Modern Times

Ludo has changed its form and become famous as an online game. Now, you can find many online websites with games like Ludo, Chess, Tic Tac Toe, and more.

This lets you play multiple games virtually with your friends and family, no matter your physical location. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime and sometimes only requires a simple login to start playing. 

Ludo Star vs. Play County Ludo Game

Since several platforms have Ludo, it can be challenging to choose a single platform. But it's easy to decide when you have to choose between Ludo Star and Play County Ludo Game.

play ludo online for free is an app on the Play Store which you can download on your mobile and play for free. And yet, there’s a drawback: Ludo Star does not have any other game in the app. 

On the other hand, Play County is a diverse online board game platform that offers you 5 popular games to play for free. 

  • Chess
  • Bingo
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Cards 

And, of course, 

  • Ludo

All you have to do is register your account with your unique name and invite friends and family to play as you like.

So, are you ready to play this game of the ancients? Sign up to Play County now!

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