14 Jun 2022

By PlayCounty

Ludo & Gaming In 2022

It’s 1994. You’re walking back home from school with your friends. All of you enter your house, greet your mum, and run directly to your room. You take out a box from under your bed with ‘Bingo’ spelled out in large colorful alphabets.

As you are distributing the bingo cards to your friends, your mom brings a tray of your favorite lunch: four bowls of Tuna Mac and Cheese with Kool-Aid Bursts.

If this scenario hits too close to home, you’re not the only one.

Many people grew up playing different board games, from tic-tac-toe to chess.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could experience it all over again?

Well, we’re writing this blog to let you know that, yes, it is possible. 

Read on to find out which games you can play in 2022 to have an absolute blast with your friends!


Those who played chess at an early age eventually stopped playing due to mounting responsibilities. But thanks to Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, a show about a female chess prodigy, the game’s popularity surged, renewing everyone’s interest. 

Chess is pretty easy to play, provided you get the hang of the basics. 

It comes with an eight-by-eight board with 64 black and white-colored boards, along with 32 pieces. 

The pieces move in specific directions, and the game is won once a player surround’s the opponent’s king. 

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Easy to learn and play, free ludo board game online is typically played between four players. It’s especially popular in South Asian countries, primarily Pakistan and India.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of ludo is that it’s suitable for children and adults alike. And much of the credit goes to ludo game instructions, which are quite simple.

Ludo board game comes with a square board, dice, and four playing pieces. 

To win, a player has to follow all ludo game instructions and move their pieces to the center triangle.


Tic-tac-toe ends in ties probably more than any other game. And that’s because of how it’s played.

The goal is to be the first one to get three Xs or Os (depending on what the player chooses) in a row on a 3-by-3 grid. It can be achieved horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

Some people play tic-tac-toe on larger grids, such as 10-by-10 or 20-by-20. But since it can get complicated, it’s best to stick to the original and most common format: the 3-by-3 grid.

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Just like tic-tac-toe, there are multiple variants of bingo. The most common one, however, is played on a 5-by-5 grid with the words ‘BINGO’ spelled out on top. 

Each player is given a scorecard and marker. 

The caller, or, in this case, the computer, shows a random number. If you see it on your scorecard, mark it.

The player to mark five numbers diagonally, horizontally, or vertically wins.

There are many bingo patterns, but the most common one is diagonal.


Last but not least, you can play card games with your friends, family, or colleagues. 

The options are unlimited, from easy ones like ‘Crazy Eights’ and ‘Go Fish’ to challenging ones like ‘Cribbage’ and ‘500 Rum’. In fact, since there are 52 cards in total, it’s said that the number of card games that can be played exceeds 1000. 

And if you want to make the game even more interesting, try betting something. For instance, whoever loses has to take the remaining players to ‘Five Guys.’

Ready. Set. Play.

Your childhood may be over, but you can still have loads of fun by playing games online. So, if you’re in the mood to challenge some friends with a game of chess, ludo, or tic-tac-toe, visit Play Countyright away!

Remember one thing before you leave: ‘No game, no matter how competitive, is worth losing relationships over.

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