25 May 2022

By PlayCounty

5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Playing the Ludo Game

Ludo is a traditional strategy board game that dates back to the 18th century. The Kings and Queens played this game in ancient times & the old name of ludo was Pachisi. 

The square boarded game is converted into digital form in the fast-pacing world, and players can play it without meeting physically.

It’s hard to predict anything and decode the hack of victory in the Ludo game. But you can manage to win the game by using these very common tips.

Keep An Eye on All Pieces

If you want to play ludo online with friends free it’s essential to keep an eye on all pieces and open all of them timely. If you stay focused on one or two pieces and neglect the other ones, you might lose the game.

You have to make an intelligent move by placing all pieces behind your opponent to kill them quickly. Of course, it’s completely your call to make whether you want to play defensively or not, but opening all pieces on time can predict your win.

Don’t wait for too long

If you wait for too long to kill the opponent’s pieces, they might reach home & you will become a target for them. Therefore, play aggressively and kill them before they enter the safe zone.

In ludo, you have to be aggressively strategic because you can’t win the game by playing safe all the time. No doubt it’s about luck in the end, but using some tactics while playing can turn the table in your favour.

Manage The Throw Time

No one exactly knows the algorithm of the Ludo game, but you can try a hack by expanding the throw time. If you have played fast 3 to 4 times, try to take some time before rolling the dice.

Timing is very important in Ludo. So, after every 4 to 5 times, try taking a little pause. It will help you get a better number in dice when rolling out.

Observe The Pros 

There is no way better than watching the pros playing the game and using their strategy. It’s not like you can’t use your brain and entirely rely on others’ skills, but observation helps you a lot in every game.

Try to watch YouTube videos or your friends or family members who are pros in Ludo and observe them to decide your playstyle.

Enjoy The Game

It’s a very underrated tip among all. Of course, no victory in a ludo game will do good for you, but playing without being too conscious or indulged can significantly affect your mood and mental health.

If you start to play the game just to feel triumphant or victorious, that’s where you lose all the fun, enjoyment, and excitement.

In The End 

Board games are fun to play. You can enjoy playing a lot of board games like Ludo, Chess, and more by making an account at Playcounty. It’s the best online gaming platform that gives you access to hundreds of exciting games.  

So, make the most out of your leisure time and invest it in a better yet creative activity.

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